January 6, 2016



Creamed Africans is a subsidiary of Creamed Projects LTD.
Here at Creamed Africans, our focus rests mainly on:

  • Talent management
  • Youth empowerment
  • Contributing Positively to the society
  • Promoting the African culture

Our motto is: Selling Africa to the world; hence we strive to portray and export our rich African values, culture and talent to the outside world.

Our mentorship series, which specifically targets the youths who are the leaders of tomorrow, aims to enlighten and empower these youths intellectually.  This is because we believe that an enlightened youth guarantees a better tomorrow for us and our children.

We will be organizing various shows and workshops from time to time to enable our youths show off their talents and capabilities.

For Sponsorship and inquiries, click here to contact us.