Fashion Personalized

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Fashion Personalized

Creamed Michael Young

I love fashion, I love looking good. Like they say, looking good is a good business.

A lot of people think you need millions to look good, but is that really correct?
I disagree with that!

Fashion is all about creativity, playing with colours and taking risks in trying something new. The Important thing about fashion is knowing your skin type; knowing colours that suit your skin. With this, you can go on and create your own style.

My style of fashion is simple, classic and bold. I love suits, I love jeans, I love our African prints.

Creamed Michael Young

A simple shirt, a pair of plain trousers and a tie could make u look classic depending on your choices of color.
Our African prints can make one stand out depending also on the design and patterns.

Don’t forget our various cultural wears because that is our root. In Nigeria we are blessed with many cultural attires, and that is what Creamed Africans is all about; promoting our cultural heritage and selling Africa to the world.

When trying to showcase our fashion sense, we should represent our country, ethnic group, state and tribe.

Remember, the way you dress is the way you are addressed! Our dressing speaks volume of who we are.

Fashion is me and I am fashion. I represent Creamed Africans.
I am Creamed Amb. Michael Young.


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